Bet On Battle of the Blades Season 4

Battle of the BladesBattle of the Blades season 4 is down to 5 competitors, after 3 have been eliminated.  The remaining competitors include Jason Strudwick, Dandenault, Scott Thornton, Brian Savage and Grant Marshall.

Online sportsbook has odds available for those interested in betting on which ex-NHL player will best be able to transition to figure skating and impress the judges.

Battle of the Blades Odds

There are only five performers left battling it out for the win.  Here are the odds from (or for Americans):

  • Jason Strudwick 6/5
  • Mathieu Dandenault 11/4
  • Scott Thornton 3/1
  • Brian Savage 8/1
  • Grant Marshall 10/1

Scott Thornton is the favourite to win the competition according to the oddsmakers even though Dandenault’s duo has the best average score through the first five skates.  Strudwick may be the favourite because he is the most recently removed from NHL competition having played 43 games for the Edmonton Oilers just 3 seasons ago.  Strudwick is also only 38 years old.

Mathieu Dandenault is the youngest of the skaters at 37 years old and one of the more recognizable names on the list.  Dandenault was a three time Stanley Cup winner with the Detroit Red Wings.

Scott Thornton was the third overall pick by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1989, but he never really lived up to being that high of a draft pick.  Mats Sundin was the first overall pick that year, while Bill Guerin and Bobby Holik were a couple other top players from the relatively weak draft year.  Thornton has the fourth highest average score at this point in the competition, but he is progressively improving which may be a good sign.

Grant Marshall is the least recognizable name of the remaining 5 NHLers and he is the biggest underdog to win the event at 10/1.  That said he has the 3rd highest average skate score among the remaining players and may be a bargain at that price because of his relatively obscurity.

Here is a video of Jason Strudwick, the current favourite for the Battle of the Blades season 4 that you can check out.  I also suggest checking out some of the past performances on Youtube to see what fans like and which performers seem to be the best and most improved from week to week.

If you’re ready to bet on Battle of the Blades Season 4, click here to head over to! Americans head to

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