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Bet on Euro 2012The Euro 2012 fever is heating up with the tournament set to begin in just over a week on June 8th, 2012 with Poland and Germany kicking things off in Group A.  The tournament will then last until the first of July when a new European champion is crowned.

Spain goes into this tournament as the favorites to defend their European title from 2008 and to make history as the first team to win 3 major tournaments consecutively, which of course includes their 1-0 World Cup victory over the Netherlands from 2 years ago.  Germany was the team they defeated in the Euro 2008 final and Germany and the Netherlands are the 2nd and 3rd favorites to win Euro 2012, which shows that the European football landscape hasn’t changed too much over the past half decade.

The Euro 2012 tournament is such a high profile event that every online sportsbook will offer endless betting options for the tournament.  That being said is our recommended online bookie for bettors from around the world, while is our recommended sportsbook for Americans (Bet365 does not accept Americans).  Both of these sportsbooks are respected and trusted and offer a ton of great Euro 2012 betting options.

Euro 2012 Winner Odds

It’s a lot of fun to bet on the team you think will win the tourney and follow them through every game on their way to the finals.  Here are the odds for each of the 16 teams to win Euro 2012 from

  • Spain +270
  • Germany +300
  • Netherlands +650
  • England +1000
  • France +1100
  • Italy +1400
  • Portugal +1800
  • Russia +2500
  • Poland +4000
  • Croatia +5000
  • Ukraine +5000
  • Czech Republic +6600
  • Sweden +6600
  • Greece +8000
  • Republic of Ireland +8000
  • Denmark +8000

As you can see Spain and Germany are big favorites with the Netherlands right on their heels. However with Germany and Holland both in the same group (B) one slip up early could cause either team to be eliminated in the group stage.

Euro 2012 Betting Options

There are a ton of other betting options available for Euro 2012.  These include other tournament bets such as whether a team will win their group, whether a team will advance past the group stage, which team will score the most goals in the tournament, which player will score the most goals, which group will score the most goals and much more.  Visit to see all of the tournament long prop bets you can make.

We haven’t even gotten into the single match bets you can make as well.  In addition to the straight up 3-way bet on the outcome of a match Bet365 also offers 69 more betting options such as which player will score the first goal, over/under on total goals, over/under on team goals, half time lines, and much more.  Once again visit to see the plethora of betting options available for Euro 2012.

How To Be On Euro 2012 Online

In order to bet on Euro 2012 you will first need to set up an online betting account.  As mentioned above I recommend for Americans and for everybody else.  Both of these sportsbooks are well respected and trustworthy, with some great sign up bonuses and Euro 2012 promos.

Click here to visit the Bet365 website.  Then click on the ‘join now’ button in the top right corner of the screen.  Fill out the short form to create a Bet365 account.  There is no need to enter a Bet365 bonus code because signing up through us will get you the best bonus possible.

Now that you have an account you will need to make a deposit.  Head over the cashier section of the site and make a deposit using one of the many online deposit methods available at Bet365.  If you run into any trouble getting money onto the site contact customer support and they will help you out.

Next up is the fun part.  You are ready to bet.  Head over to the soccer betting section and find the Euro 2012 betting lines.  Place your bets then sit back and watch the beautiful game played at the highest level over the month of June.

To keep up with the tournament I suggest bookmarking the Euro2012 website.

Written by: Niko de Jonge

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