Bet On Marijuana Reform and Legalisation

Bet On Marijuana LegalisationHere at we stress that you can basically bet on anything online and this proves it.  You can now bet on the legalisation of marijuana at, our top rated online sportsbook!

There are currently three US States where Marijuana could be legalised for recreational use.  These States include Colorado, Oregon and Washington, with Washington leading the way in terms of the odds for legalizing recreational use of pot.

Marijuana Legalization Betting Odds

Here are the odds for whether marijuana will become legal in the three States where it will be on the ballot during the November 6th general ballot.  It being an election year makes it much more likely that any of these marijuana reforms will pass because more young people will be out voting due to it being an election year.

Washington Initiative I-502 to be passed -300
Washington Initiative I-502 to not be passed +220

The oddsmakers think that the people in Washington are ready to be the first State that legalizes the recreational use of pot.

Colorado Amendment 64 to be passed -180
Colorado Amendment 64 to not be passed +140

Colorado is the second most likely State to legalize weed at this upcoming election.

Oregon Measure 80 to be passed +550
Oregon Measure 80 to not be passed -1050

Oregon has the possibility, but the oddsmakers strongly believe that it may be too early for Oregon to move in this direction here in 2012.

How To Bet On Marijuana Reform

As mentioned before you can find these odds online at, our top rated online bookie and one that accepts American bettors.  Click here to visit  Once on the website click on the blue ‘Register Today’ button in the right sidebar and fill out the form to open an account.

Log in and make a deposit in order to have money with which to bet on these marijuana laws.

Now that you have funds online you are ready to bet.  Log into the 5Dimes sportsbook and click on the ‘Politics’ button under the ‘Other Sports’ header.  You will see a lot of election betting lines, but you need to scroll past all of these to find the marijuana bets.  At the very bottom of the page you will see the ‘Ballot Initiatives – Marijuana reform and legalisation” heading with the 3 States below that.  Place your bets and be sure to get out and vote to increase your chances of a winning payout!

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