Bet On NFL Regular Season Wins

Bet On The NFLDo you think you know how many times every team in the NFL is going to win this year?  If so you can make some solid cash at  Bookmaker currently has over/under lines on the total wins every team in the NFL will achieve this season.

These are great bets to take advantage when you believe that an NFL team is either overrated or underrated heading into the season. is one of the biggest names in the NFL betting industry because they are a trusted bookie that offers great lines on every NFL game throughout the season.

Let’s check out some of the over/under’s and see how you feel about them:

NFL Wins Over/Unders

I’m not going to list every single total wins from the Bookmaker website.  To see the entire list click here.


  • New England Patriots Over 12 EV, Under 12 -130
  • Green Bay Packers – Over 11.5 EV, Under 11.5 -130
  • Houston Texans – Over 10.5 EV, Under 10.5 -130
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – Over 10 -145, Under 10 +115
  • San Francisco 49ers – Over 10 +105, Under 10 -135
  • New Orleans Saints – Over 10 +140, Under 10 -170


  • Cleveland Browns – Over 5.5 +135, Under 5.5 -165
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – Over 5.5 +105, Under 5.5 -135
  • Indianapolis Colts – Over 5.5 -105, Under 5.5 -125
  • Minnesota Vikings – Over 6 -110, Under 6 -120
  • St. Louis Rams – Over 6 -120, Under 6 -110
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Over 6 -140, Under 6 +110

If you think any of the teams with the highest total wins are overrated heading into the season or think the teams who aren’t expected to do much could surprise some people head over to and place your bets to cash in on your knowledge of the game.

How To Bet

First things first, you need to open an online betting account with Click here to fill out a sign up form and create an account, it only takes a second.

After creating your account you will need to make your first deposit in order to have money to bet on these NFL team props. Log into your account and click on the green ‘Add Funds’ button in the top right corner. Then choose from one of the many banking options available to fund your account.

Now that you have money its time to bet. Look under the ‘Football’ section for the ‘NFL – Regular Season Wins’ tab and select it to see the odds for all of the teams. Select your bets and place your wagers. Then sit back and either cheer on or against the team for the entire NFL season.

You can keep up to date with everything happening in the NFL, including how many wins each team has throughout the season at the official NFL website,

The season is almost here and I for one am excited to start betting on meaningful games. Until then these prop bets will have to suffice.

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