Bet on Philadelphia Eagles Vs Seattle Seahawks Week 14

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The Philadelphia Eagles (9-3) went into Dallas on Thanksgiving and destroyed the Cowboys. The Eagles’ offense was hitting on all cylinders, especially the ground game. The Eagles ran for 256 yards and two touchdowns. LeSean McCoy was the leading rusher in the game with 159 yards. The Eagles defense had Tony Romo off-balance most of the game forcing two interceptions.

The Seattle Seahawks (8-4) are still chasing the Arizona Cardinals for the NFC West division crown. The Seahawks dominated the San Francisco 49ers and grabbed the 5th NFC playoff spot. The Seahawk defense held the 49ers to 64 yards rushing on only 18 carries. Richard Sherman is one of the best defensive-backs in the NFL, and he showed that on Thursday night by intercepting Colin Kaepernick twice.

Eagles Vs Seahawks Week 14 Odds

Here are the odds from

Seahawks +1 (-110)
Eagles -1 (-110)

Over/Under 48

Team Breakdowns

Eagles: LeSean McCoy’s vintage performance on Thanksgiving showed why he is a top five back in the league. He carried the Philadelphia offense and took the pressure from Mark Sanchez. This is the recipe that Chip Kelly drew up early in the season, regardless of the quarterback. McCoy is a rare talent that can run laterally and stretch the patience and resolve of the defense. The success of the running game starts with the offensive-line, which has overcome its share of injuries this season. The Eagles will need this kind of effort from the offensive-line moving forward. The Eagles defense-line was disruptive against the Cowboys, and against the Seahawks, stopping the run will be paramount. Marshawn Lynch and DeMarco Murray have a similar run-you-over style. If the Eagles attack the Seahawks’ offensive-line like they handled Dallas’, then the Eagles will have the advantage. The Eagles’ biggest weakness has been red-zone execution. The Eagles could have been up big on the Cowboys early had they not settled for so many field goals. If the Eagles cannot find a way to get into the end-zone consistently, then the advantage swings in Seattle’s favor.

Seahawks: The Russell Wilson show is coming to Philadelphia this week and the Eagles need to concern themselves with containing him to inside the pocket. So far this year, Russell Wilson has made the defense pay once he exits the pocket. Wilson is an excellent pocket passer, but outside the pocket he excels at making play out of nothing. If the Eagles can contain Wilson, then the Seahawks will struggle to create separation because their receivers have not played consistently. The Eagles have a better run defense than pass defense. The Seahawks need to exploit this early. If the Seahawks can establish success with a solid passing game, then it will open up the running lanes for Lynch. If the Seahawks can run for more than 100 yards then they will have the advantage. On the other-side of the ball, if the Seahawks can hold the Eagles to under 100 yards rushing and force Mark Sanchez to have to make plays, then the Seahawks will control the game.

Free Pick

The Seahawks and Eagles are emerging late in the season as two of the top three teams. The Cardinals are sinking fast and if the Seahawks have any hope of winning the NFC West, they have to win this week. Both teams have a lot to play for this week. The Eagles have gone undefeated at home (6-0) this season. Chip Kelly will have his team ready to play and if he is able to control the tempo of the game, the Seahawks will struggle to keep pace. If Pete Carol can limit his teams’ penalties and control the pace of the game, the Seahawks will have a shot at the upset. When a high-powered offense runs into a defensive wall expect the wall to win. Pick the Seahawks on the road.

Seattle Seahawks 26 Philadelphia Eagles 21

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