Bet On The 2014 Super Bowl Winner – Odds and Pick

Bet On The NFLThe 2013 NFL season gets underway in underway in about 2 weeks time.  We’ve now had the chance to see a couple preseason games from each of the Super Bowl contenders, and although these games really mean nothing, it does give you a small glimpse at what each team will look like come the regular season.

2014 Super Bowl Odds

According to the oddsmakers there are 4 legitimate favorites to win the Super Bowl this year, and then several teams with an outside shot.  Here are the 2014 Super Bowl odds from, our top rated bookie for betting on the NFL.  5Dimes consistently has the best NFL betting lines for games throughout the season, and their futures lines are no different.

  • San Francisco 49ers +675
  • Denver Broncos +700
  • Seattle Seahawks +775
  • New England Patriots +850
  • Green Bay Packers +1350
  • Atlanta Falcons +1600
  • Houston Texans +1600
  • New Orleans Saints +2000
  • Baltimore Ravens +2800
  • New York Giants +2800
  • Cincinnati Bengals +3000
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +3000

After these 12 teams there is another jump to RG3’s Redskins who have odds of +3800.  The 49ers, Broncos, Seahawks and Patriots are the four favorites to take down the biggest game in North American sports.  One thing that jumps out at me right away here is that the NFC West has come a long way from being the laughing stock of the NFL just a few short years ago.

Another thing that is somewhat surprising is that the defending champion Baltimore Ravens have such long odds at +2800.  Yes, they should have lost to the Broncos last year in the divisional playoff game, but the majority of their Championship team is still intact.

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First of all I don’t like the Broncos to win the Super Bowl.  On paper they have the best team in the league, but Peyton Manning seems to have trouble getting the job done in the post season.  This team will finish 13-3 again, but once again drop the ball in at least one of the 3 games it takes to win the Super Bowl in the post season.

I do like both the 49ers and the Seahawks.  Each of these teams have solid sophomore quarterbacks who will be a force if they can build on their rookie campaigns.  Both teams have ridiculously solid defenses, which is what wins championships and each had a taste of post season success last year with the Seahawks beating the Redskins on the road in the Wild Card and then narrowly losing to the Falcons in the Division game, and the 49ers coming within a field goal of a Super Bowl.  These teams will both be a force and they deserve their favorite tags.

The team that I like outside of the big 4 favorites is the Green Bay Packers at +1350.  I think that Aaron Rogers is the best quarterback in the league and he gives his team a chance to win every night.  Losing Jennings won’t be a problem for Rogers and the Packers.  The issue is their defense, which gave up 45 points to the 49ers in the Divisional game last year.  You simply can’t give up that many points in a playoff game and expect to win.  That said I like the Packers at +1350 because of Rogers.

The Steelers at +3000 is another team I may throw down some cash on.  If Big Ben can stay healthy then this team is always a contender.  Last year they finished 8-8, but that was a down year and Ben was injured for several games.  At 30 to 1, you have to like the Steelers to turn things around this year and at least make the playoffs where anything can happen.

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