Bet On The Dark Knight Rises Opening Weekend

The Dark Knight Rises BettingThe most anticipated film of the summer is almost here.  The last installment in the Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises, is set to be released on July 20th and is expected to bring in massive dollars in the opening weekend.  Many online sportsbooks are offering odds on how much money The Dark Knight Rises will make in its opening weekend.  The Dark Knight, which was released on the same weekend (July 18th) four years ago made just over $158 million in its opening weekend.  How much do you think this newest Batman movie will earn?

The Dark Knight Rises Betting Options

Online sportsbook has a prop bet available on whether The Dark Knight Rises will break the opening weekend box-office record, which is currently held by The Avengers after they made over $207 million earlier this year.  Here are the odds from

Will Break The Record +185
Will Not Break Record -225

Visit to bet on this prop bet. has also got in on the hype, but they are offering odds in a slightly different manner.  Bookmaker has offered ranges that the movie could make in the opening weekend.  Here is a look at their odds:

$100 Million Or Less +3500
$100-$120 Million +2500
$121-$141 Million  +1000
$142 – $160 Million +450
Over $160 Million -1250

It seems like the odds have moved significantly since they were added with most people believing that the movie will rake in more than the $160 million.  Go ahead and visit to bet on this Dark Knight Rises special.

One thing is for sure, if history is any indication The Dark Knight Rises is going to be the top movie of the summer.  Likely both in quality and in revenue.

How To Bet On The Dark Knight Rises

To bet on either of the prop bets outlined above, visit the desired sportsbook and open an account.  You should then make your first deposit, keeping in mind that both sites offer solid sign up bonuses if you read their terms.

At you will find the bet under ‘Futures & Props’ and ‘Entertainment’.

While at you will find the bet simply under ‘Entertainment’.

Box Office Mojo is a great site to keep up with how much money the movie has made.  Check out the trailer to get a better idea of how good the movie will be and whether people will come out in the masses to watch the film.

Written by: Niko de Jonge

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