Bet On The Voice Season 3 Winner – Odds and Prediction

The Voice USASeason 3 of the Voice is down to just 6 contestants left.  Christina Aguilera’s strategy of building a pop team that she could best mentor backfired as her last contestant, Dez Duron, was eliminated last week.  Now Cee Lo, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are left to have their contestants battle it out.  They each have left and essentially a 1 in 3 shot at winning the show.

**Season 3 is now over.  Check out the Season 4 The Voice betting post for the new season.

The Voices Season 3 Winner Odds

Here are the odds from, our recommended bookie for betting on the Voice Finals if you are an American resident.  Canadians should check out, Bovada’s Canadian sister site.

Cassadee Pope (5/8) – Blake Shelton
Amanda Brown (5/2) –  Adam Levine
Terry McDermott (15/2) – Blake Shelton
Melanie Martinez (12/1) – Adam Levine
Trevin Hunte (12/1) – Cee Lo Green
Nicholas David (15/1) –  Cee Lo Green

As you can see Black Shelton is the big favorite to be the winning judge as Cassadee Pope is the overwhelming favorite at the moment, while his other contestant, Terry McDermott is also being given a decent shot.


Of course the winner is determined by America’s vote, not who I think is the best performer.  So to look a little deeper let’s take a peak at each of these contestants top songs on YouTube.

Here is Cassadee with her song from last week, which already has almost a million view on YouTube:

Cassadee also seems to have the most fan following with her interviews getting the most YouTube views of the remaining performers and her iTunes songs doing very well in comparison with others. That all being said as more individuals get eliminated the votes can be altered as certain fans favorites are eliminated. They can then turn their attention to another performer, which can drastically change the votes, especially in the latter stages, so it is never a certainty who will win. For this reason I don’t like the 5/8 odds for Cassadee at this time because I don’t see anyone similar in the competition that may be stealing some of her votes at this time, while that might not be true for others. Also there seems to be a few Cassadee haters out there who may just vote against her when it comes down to it.

I think Melanie Martinez and Trevin Hunte are both great options at 12/1. Here is Melanie’s last performance:

And Trevin’s….

Both of these performers are top quality and should have a legitimate shot at winning.

How To Bet On The Voice Season 3

If you are from the United States click here to visit Canadians should visit instead.

Once at the sportsbook go ahead and sign up a new account. Use referral number 3178530 if it is requested.

Once you have made your account and deposited you will find the Voice Season 3 odds by clicking on ‘Entertainment’, followed by ‘Film/Television’ Props. There you will find the odds for each of the remaining contestants!

Visit The Voice official website to keep up with the competition. Good luck with your bets!

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