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Women's World CupThe Women’s World Cup gets underway in Canada tomorrow with a couple of group stages.  It will be nice to actually have a World Cup to watch instead of just hearing about all of the FIFA bribes that have occurred over the past several Men’s World Cups.  Canada was awarded the 2015 Women’s World Cup by default because no other countries bid throughout the process, so at least we know there won’t be any news uncovered about the Canadians bribing FIFA officials to be awarded this tournament.

Even though countries don’t see the value in bribing their way into hosting the Women’s World Cup, it will still be a huge event in Canada.  The Canadian U20 World Cup in 2007 broke attendance records and I’m sure there will be no trouble hyping up this tournament in Canada.

There are plenty of betting options for the Women’s World Cup and I’m going to look at the various betting options that has available.

Bovada Sportsbook

Outright Winner

First of all you can bet on which country will win the World Cup outright.  Here are the odds for some of the favourites from Bovada.  To check out the full list head over to and click on ‘Soccer Futures’.

  • USA 2/1
  • Germany 3/1
  • France 7/1
  • Brazil 15/2
  • Japan 8/1
  • Canada 12/1
  • Sweden 14/1
  • England 22/1
  • Norway 33/1
  • Australia 50/1

The Americans and Germans are definitely the main two favourites heading into the tournament, but I think any of the top 6 or 7 teams have a legitimate shot at taking down the tournament.

Group Winner

You can also wager on which country will win each group.  I like this bet because it allows you to place futures bets on teams who you may know don’t have a shot at winning the tournament, but who you feel can overachieve and perform well during the group stage.

Here are the odds for the various Groups….

Group A

  • Canada -275
  • Netherlands +500
  • China +600
  • New Zealand +1200

Group B

  • Germany -1000
  • Norway +600
  • Ivory Coast +3300
  • Thailand +6600

Group C

  • Japan -800
  • Switzerland +500
  • Ecuador +3300
  • Cameroon +5000

Group D

  • USA -333
  • Sweden +300
  • Australia +1200
  • Nigeria +2800

Group E

  • Brazil -400
  • Spain +450
  • South Korea +700
  • Costa Rica +4000

Group F

  • France -188
  • England +175
  • Mexico +1600
  • Colombia +2000

Single Match Bets

On top of these futures wagers you can also bet on individual matches.  Check out our soccer betting page for more information on the common betting options for soccer matches.

First of all, you can wager on the full-time result.  It will involve 3 options (home, away or draw) and it’s often referred to as 1×2 betting.

Another common bet would be betting on the over/under for total goals scored in the match.

After these two, asian handicaps are also popular.  These spread type bets might be most popular in games where there is an obvious favourite such as when the USA plays Nigeria in the group stage.  I would expect the Americans to bet at least 2.5 goals favourites.  So you can bet on whether the Americans will win by 3 or more goals, or whether Nigeria will keep the game close.

Overall, there are a ton of betting options for the Women’s World Cup.  To see all of the bets you can make you should visit and go through the soccer betting section to find the Women’s World Cup!

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