Bet On X Factor USA Season 3 – Winner Odds and Free Pick

X Factor Season 3This years version of the X Factor is down to just 10 acts remaining.  That means 9 more weeks until this years X Factor champion is crowned.

Online sportsbook ( for Canadian viewers) has odds available for you to wager on which X Factor performer you think will be the last one standing when the dust settles.

Like all seasons of the X Factor the four judges mentor different groups of performers.  Here is how it’s broken down this year:

Simon Cowell – Groups
Kelly Rowland – Over 25’s
Demi Lovato – Girls
Paulina Rubio – Boys

X Factor Season 3 Winner Odds

Here are the odds for the remaining 10 performers from  I’ve included which category they fit into in the odds.

  • Alex & Sierra 2/1 – Groups
  • Restless Road 7/2 – Groups
  • Lillie McCloud 6/1 – Over 25’s
  • Ellona Santiago 7/1 – Girls
  • Josh Levi 7/1 – Boys
  • Khaya Cohen 10/1 – Girls
  • Rion Paige 12/1 – Girls
  • Jeff Gutt 14/1 – Over 25’s
  • Carlito Olivero 20/1 – Boys
  • Tim Olstad 20/1 – Boys

As you can see Simon and Kelly have each already lost one performer, but Simon still has the two favorites in the competition.  Lillie McCloud is the top individual performer remaining according to the oddsmakers.

Free Pick

At this stage of the competition I would definitely stay away from betting on Alex & Sierra.  I think America really fell in love with them early, but give some of these solo artists more camera time and their personalities may also shine through.  I find it difficult for a group to win this competition, but a pair does have more of a chance.  That said at 2/1 I don’t think it’s a good bet.  Here is a video of their audition though:

I also don’t like Restless Road at their current odds. I do like Ellona Santiago at 7/1 though. Here is a video of her audition:

She was actually in the first season of X Factor in a big group, but she is back and seems to be better than ever. She’s my pick to win this competition.

Betting on Season 3 of X Factor

To bet on your favorite performer you will need to open an account at Click here to head over there and sign up an account. If you are from Canada then you will need to sign up at instead.

After creating an account you will have to make a deposit. Bovada is currently offering a free bet equal to 50% of your initial deposit.

You will then find the odds for X Factor by clicking on ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Film/Television Props’ in the sportsbook.

Good luck with your bets on this season of X Factor!

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