Boxing Betting in California – How To Bet Guide

Boxing fights are very popular to bet on. Generational talents such as Canelo Alvarez and Tyson Fury have transcended the sport and brought a lot of main stream eyeballs to the biggest fights in boxing. The trend of other celebrities, be it social media stars or other sport athletes, trying their luck in the ring has also worked to bring new fans and bettors to the sport of boxing.

On this page I will outline the best betting sites for California residents, touch on the regulatory climate for sports betting in the state, look at example of the different bets you can make on a boxing match, and provide a simple 3 step guide you can follow to bet on boxing online.

Best Betting Site For California Residents

Bet Now
  • Built for American bettors
  • Wide variety of competitive betting lines
  • Easy to navigate betting platform
50% up to $250 is our top rated betting site for California residents looking to bet on boxing online. Bovada has been a major player in the US betting industry since 2012 and they are committed to continue to provide a safe and secure betting option for US bettors.

Bovada offers fair odds on a wide variety of boxing matches every week. They also offer other betting options such as round betting, method of victory, and total rounds on the higher profile fights.

Sports Betting in California

At this time, it is not legal to operate a sportsbook in the State of California.

That said, residents of California can still place sports bets through online betting sites that are regulated and licensed outside of the USA. falls into this category as an online sportsbook that is registered and licensed in Curacao, while accept players from the majority of US States, including California.

**There were two ballot measures related to sports betting voted on in California in November of 2022. Both measures failed by significant margins leaving the future of regulated sports betting in the state unclear and unlikely in the near-term.

Check out our California section for a further breakdowns of the sports betting regulatory climate in the state.

Boxing Betting Options

The most popular type of boxing wager is simply betting on which fighter will win the bout. Here’s a look at the odds for the Ryan Garcia vs Oscar Duarte fight:

In this example, Ryan Garcia is a the favorite. You would have to risk $400 on Garcia to win $100.

Duarte is the underdog with odds of +275. You would win $275 from a $100 bet on Duarte if he pulled off the upset.

There are also several prop bets you can make on higher profile boxing fights. At you would click on the fighters names to see the full list of bets available for the fight. In the example above you could click the ‘+13 Bets’ to see the prop betting options.

Here are a few of the prop bets available for the above fight, with descriptions:

  • Total Rounds – An over/under bet on the length of the fight in rounds.
  • Method of Victory – A bet on which boxer will win + how they will win. For example, you could bet on Garcia to win via knockout.
  • Round Betting – A bet on which boxer will win + which round they will win in. For example, you could bet on Garcia to win the fight in round 2.

How To Bet On Boxing From California – 3 Step Guide

Follow this three step tutorial to quickly and easily place your boxing bets online from anywhere in California.

Step 1. Join

Click the above link and fill out the overlay form on the Bovada home page to open your account.

Bovada is the most popular betting site serving the US market, and our recommended online sportsbook for California residents.

Step 2. Deposit

Log into your Bovada account and click on the ‘Deposit’ button. Choose your preferred deposit option, enter your deposit amount, and follow the instructions to complete the deposit.

Bovada accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bitcoin and ETH deposits.

New sign ups through our link will receive a 50% matching bonus up to $250 on first deposits. You will have to claim this bonus through the ‘My Rewards’ section of your account.

Step 3. Place Your Boxing Bets

Head to the ‘Sports’ section of the Bovada website, then open the ‘All Sports’ drop down menu and select ‘Boxing’.

Select the odds of the boxer you want to wager on, enter your risk amount on the Bet Slip, and click ‘Place Bets’ to lock in your wagers.

Here’s an example screenshot showing the clicks to place a boxing bet:

If you’re new to betting online check out our betting guide section for some great beginner articles to help you get started.

That’s it. Ready to bet? Click here to visit

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