Olympics Speed Skating Team Pursuit Betting Odds and Picks

Olympics RingsThe long track speed skating team pursuit finals both take place on the third and second last day of the Olympics.  By this time all of the individual medals will have been handed out and it will just be down to the three top speed skaters from each country to add to their medal totals.  The Dutch are heads and shoulders above the field in both the Men’s and Ladies events, so the real race may be for the bronze and silvers in the Team Pursuit.

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There have been 3 World Cup races so far this season, which is likely what the oddsmakers are basing these odds on.

Men’s Team Pursuit Odds

  • Netherlands 1/5
  • USA 5/1
  • South Korea 11/1
  • Norway 16/1
  • Canada 18/1
  • Russia 20/1
  • Poland 20/1
  • Germany 40/1
  • France 200/1

The Dutch are massive favourites in this event and for good reason.  I think the only way they can lose is if one of their skaters falls.  The threesome has set two world records this year and even without Sven Kramer in the third World Cup event they still won the gold medal.  This is a close of a lock as you will find in these Olympics.

In the three World Cup events leading up to the Olympics, Team USA won 2 silvers, while South Korea won 2 bronzes and 1 silver.

Ladies Team Pursuit Odds

  • Netherlands 9/20
  • Canada 3/1
  • Poland 8/1
  • Germany 14/1
  • Russia 33/1
  • Japan 33/1
  • South Korea 40/1
  • Norway 66/1
  • USA 66/1

The Dutch are also huge favourites in the women’s event.  They have won gold at each of the three World Cup events this year as well.  Canada is the second favourites in this event even though they have only won a silver medal in the three World Cup events and sit in third in the World Cup standings.  The Dutch are heads and shoulders above the field in this race.  It will likely be a race for silvers in this one.

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