The Grey Cup is the Canada’s equivalent of the Super Bowl.  It is Canada’s single biggest televised sporting event every year, just like the Super Bowl is to the United States.  CFL fans are die hard and there is no bigger or more exciting game in Canada than the Grey Cup.  The only way to add to the excitement is placing a bet on the Grey Cup Champion.

Best Sportsbooks for Betting On Grey Cup

The three sportsbooks listed below will each offer a variety of bets on the Grey Cup.

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How To Bet On The Grey Cup

The best place to bet on the Grey Cup is online at one of the sportsbooks listed above.

After creating your account you will need to log in and make a deposit in order to have money with which to bet on the Grey Cup.  Make sure you check out the sign up bonus available to you and make a first deposit that will get you the biggest bonus possible.

You should now have money online and be ready to bet on the big game.  Find the ‘football’ and ‘CFL’ sections of the sportsbook to find the Grey Cup betting options and place your wagers.

Grey Cup Betting Options

The Grey Cup will have all of the regular CFL bets available as well as many other prop bets, similar to the Super Bowl betting options.  Check out your sportsbook to see what kind of CFL prop bets they offer.

You can also place futures bets on the Grey Cup throughout the season.  This is a great way to follow a team throughout the season or playoffs and possibly come out with a big payday.  The odds for each team will change throughout the season depending on the teams success and their perceived chances at winning the Championship.

Grey Cup Betting Tips

Here are a few basic tips that could help you make more money betting on the Grey Cup this year.

  • Shop Lines – This is especially true for prop betting lines.  The prop bet odds can vary dramatically between sportsbooks so its important to shop around to get the best return on your bets.
  • Don’t Place Futures Bets on Hot Teams – If a team is ripping it up early in the season it probably isn’t the best time to place a futures bet on them to win the Grey Cup.  You will get much better odds after the team has lose a couple games in a row, or lost a game they should have won.