Golf betting has taken off in popularity in recent years. It really is the perfect sport to bet on. There is the potential for big winnings at each tournament, you can wager in between rounds (or even hole by hole) and if you have a golfer in contention the sweat on Sunday afternoon is one of the best in sports betting. The entertainment value of betting on golf is one of the best in my opinion.

On this page I will recommend three betting sites where you can bet on golf, outline the three steps that will get you betting on golf today, break down some of the popular golf betting options, and provide a couple tips to make golf betting profitable.

Best Sportsbooks For Betting On Golf

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The three sportsbooks we have listed above are the top golf betting sites on the internet because they offer the widest variety of fair golf betting lines, some great bonuses and each sportsbook is highly respected and trusted within the industry.

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How To Bet On Golf Online

Getting started betting on golf online is very easy, but to make it even more straight forward we have put together a quick step by step guide to get you betting on golf today.

Bet On Golf – Step By Step Guide

  1. Open A Sports Betting Account – Visit any of the three recommended golf sportsbooks we have listed above by clicking on the above links.  When you arrive at the site you should proceed to open an account by filling out a short form that will ask you for basic information such as your name, address and email.
  2. Fund Your Account – Now that you have a sports betting account you will need to add some funds in order to bet on golf online.  Credit card deposits are generally the fastest and easiest deposit methods, but each of our recommended sportsbooks also offers many other ewallet and bitcoin deposit solutions.  If you have any trouble depositing I suggest you contact customer support and they will be sure to help you get some money online.
  3. Place Your Golf Bets – Head over to the golf betting section of the sportsbook and select which golfers you want to bet on this week. Enter your wager amount on the Bet Slip and click ‘Place Bet’ to make your wager.

Types Of Golf Bets

Golf is unlike most other sports you may bet on because the athletes do not often compete head to head against other players.  That being said oddsmakers will often offer lines as to which of two players will score lower in the tournament, along with the other futures and prop betting wagers that are typical of golf betting.

Head To Head Golf Betting

Sportsbooks will often pit two golfers against each other and allow bettors to wager on which golfer will have a lower scoring tournament or round.  Here is an example:

In this example Scottie Scheffler is a -172 favorite to finish the tournament with a better score than Rory. You have to bet $172 on Scheffler to win $100 if he scores better than McIlroy.

A $100 bet on McIlroy to finish ahead of Scheffler would win $142 (payout $242).

You can also bet on head to heads in individual rounds.

There are times, such as in match play or the Ryder Cup where golfers do battle it out head to head and in these circumstances you will find similar odds to the ones listed above.

Tournament Winner Betting

Betting on the winner of a golf tournament is a very popular type of golf bet because it generally pays out a hefty sum.  Bettors pick which player will win the tournament and if that player pulls it off they are paid out according to the odds.  Here are a couple examples of tournament winner odds:

If Scheffler won this particular tournament then a $100 wager on Scheffler would win $475, while if Koepka pulled out the victory a $100 wager on him would win $2000.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are very popular in golf betting.  A few examples of golf prop bets include betting on whether a player will win a major during the year, if a certain player will finish in the top ten of a tournament, which player will be the top American or European at a tournament and much more.

Golf Betting Odds

Golf betting odds can be found in either American or decimal format.  There are a few American odds examples above so I will display the Scheffler vs McIlroy head to head odds in decimal format here so you get an idea of the difference.

Scottie Scheffler 1.58
Rory McIlroy 2.42

With decimal odds you multiply the odds by the risk to find the payout.  So if we risk $100 on McIlroy then the payout is $242, which is a winnings of $142, just like the American format displayed.  A $100 bet on Scheffler is (100 x 1.58), which equals a payout of $158 for a winnings of $58.

Golf Betting Tips

Here are a couple golf betting tips to help you make a buck betting on golf online.

  • Bet On Confident Players – Golf is a game of confidence, which means players can be very streaky.  I suggest betting on golfers who have been playing well in recent tournaments and staying away from golfers who have struggled recently.
  • Don’t Bet On No Chance Players – You will find odds for every single player in a tournament, but the truth is that some of the higher payout players simply don’t have a legitimate chance at winning the tournament.  Don’t waste your money on these players, but instead choose players that have a real chance of winning.

There are many more general betting tips that apply to golf.  You can find a list of those here.

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