X Factor UK 2012 Winner Betting Odds and Prediction

X Factor UKThe X Factor UK is down to just 12 entrants remaining, with 3 acts left in each of the 4 categories (boys, girls, over 28’s and groups).  Ella Henderson is currently the runaway favourite to win the competition with odds of -120, but if you think she may stumble you can get some great odds on the other contestants.  Let’s check out the odds right now.

X Factor UK Final 12 Odds

  • Ella Henderson -120
  • Jahmene Douglas +550
  • James Arthur +800
  • Kye Sones +900
  • Jade Ellis +1800
  • Union J +2000
  • Melanie Masson +2800
  • Lucy Spraggan +2800
  • MK1 +2800
  • District 3 +2800
  • Christopher Maloney +4000
  • Rylan Clark +6600

As you can see Ella is a huge favourite:

That being said you can’t overlook Jahmene Douglas or James Arthur, who are the next two in line. And with Rylan Clark, the other boy who Nicole chose for her team, not doing too well and finishing 12th after week 1 you can expect these two to go deep into the competition.


One way I like to predict the winners of talent shows like this is to look at the number of views their audition videos received on YouTube. This doesn’t always work, but it does give a basic idea of how many fans each contestant has and is a good indicator of if they will at least go deep in the competition. Here are the views of these 3 frontrunners:

Ella Henderson ~8 Million
Jahmene Douglas ~4.5 Million
James Arthur ~5.6 Million

These three have by far the most views for their auditions, except for Lucy Spraggen who has over 14 million views for her audition. That being said the Lucy Spraggen audition is getting so many hits because she sang her original and clever song and not because she is the most talented performer in the competition. For this reason I’m not looking to far into the fact that her Youtube audition has so many hits.

I do like the amount of attention James Arthur is getting though and I personally am a big fan of his. He sings with a lot of soul and can offer a wide range of sounds. I really like his odds at +800 to win this year.  So James Arthur is my play.

Play: James Arthur +800

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