Your 8th and 9th 5Dimes Deposits Are Given To You

5Dimes LogoThis promotion is running until February 2nd, 2014, which just so happens to be Super Bowl Day.

How It Works

If you have made 7 consecutive deposits since November 4th, 2013 and lost the full amount of each of these deposits then your 8th deposit will be free.  If you also lose this 8th deposit before the Super Bowl then your 9th deposit will also be free!

It’s important to note that deposits made prior to the start of the promo (November 4th) will not count towards the consecutive number of deposits needed.

5Dimes is giving you your 8th deposit equal to the average of your first 7 deposits!  If you lost any of the money at the poker tables or in sports pools then these losses will count against the average.  This means that the formula to figure out your free deposit is: (the sum of your 7 consecutive deposits – net poker loss – net sports pools loss)/7.


  • Account to account transfers do not count as “deposits” for this promotion.
  • No payouts are allowed to have been processed within the time span of the 7 lost deposits.
  • You must lose your entire 8th deposit in order to qualify your 9th deposit as being “on the house”.

You should contact 5Dimes in order to request your 8th or 9th deposits “on the house” and to confirm that you qualify for this promotion.

How To Take Advantage

If you have already gone through 5 or 6 deposits without cashing out by the time of me writing this article then the easiest way to try to win some money is to go big on your 6th and 7th deposits.  This means betting your entire last deposit on one or a few consecutive games in order to try to double, triple or quadruple your deposit and earn back your money from the previous deposits since November 4th.  There is no reason not to either double or lose your 7th deposit when you know that if you lose it your 8th deposit amount will be “on the house”.

This is a great promotion for loyal 5Dimes players who may not be the sharpest bettors, but enjoy wagering on games.  This is a real loyalty promo by 5Dimes, as they are giving back to the players that turn over a lot of funds to the sportsbook.

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