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Velasquez Dos SantosThe rematch that MMA fans have been waiting a year for will be here on Saturday, December 29th.  Cain Velasquez will get the chance to regain the UFC Heavyweight Championship in a rematch with Junior Dos Santos.  Last year both fighters had injured knees, but the fight went on with Dos Santos knocking Cain out in the first round.  Many fans felt that the injuries would have benefited Dos Santos over Velasquez, because the fight was more likely to stay standing which benefits the fast hands of Dos Santos.  Let’s check out the odds to see what bettors are thinking will happen.

Velasquez vs Dos Santos Betting Odds and Props is the best site online for betting on MMA fights.  To start off we will look at the fight winner odds then touch on the props:

Cain Velasquez +158
Junior Dos Santos -180

Dos Santos is the favorite to repeat, but it doesn’t look like bettors think it will be as easy as last time with Dos Santos less than a 2/1 favorite.

Now let’s check out the props:

Fight Goes The Distance +450
Fight Doesn’t Go Distance -750

Velasquez has only gone to a decision once in his MMA career and each of his last 5 fights have been finished by knockout.  Dos Santos is similar in that only 2 of his 9 UFC fights have gone to the scorecards.  There is a very good chance this fight does not get decided by the judges.

Velasquez wins inside distance +150
Not Velasquez inside distance -190

This is a weird prop because it is smarter to just bet on Velasquez to win than to win inside distance.  This is a situation where the prop bet has juice added to it, which can be find if you find a sharp bet, but this is not one of those situations.  I would stay away from this bet.

Dos Santos wins inside distance -155
Not Dos Santos inside distance +115

Here you get a little better odds on a Dos Santos win if you take it inside distance which is likely.  But if you think the fight might go the distance with a Dos Santos win then it is probably smarter to just go with a straight up Dos Santos victory.

There will be more Dos Santos vs Velasquez prop betting options added closer to the fight such as which round the fight will be ended in, or if either fighter will win by knockout, submission or decision.  I’d check closer to the fight to find these props.

How To Bet

You need to open a account and make a deposit.  Then you will find the UFC prop bets by clicking on ‘props’ under the ‘MMA’ header in the sportsbook. is a great MMA resource to keep up to date with the fight and read some great articles with predictions.

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