Bet On The 2013 Miss USA Pageant Online

The 2013 Miss USA Pageant is set to take place this coming Sunday, June 16th at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.  It’s always a big show with tons of the hottest girls the United States have to offer battling it out for the right to be called Miss USA.  The pageant will be broadcast on NBC and also webcast on Xbox Live.

Betting for the champion and person to be crowned Miss USA 2013 is available at

Let’s look at the odds for the favourites:

  • Miss Florida 13/2
  • Miss Connecticut 12/1
  • Miss New Jersey 12/1
  • Miss Virginia 12/1
  • Miss Alabama 15/1
  • Miss Ohio 15/1
  • Miss South Carolina 15/1
  • Miss Utah 15/1
  • Miss Oklahoma 20/1
  • Miss Texas 20/1

Bet On Miss USAThere are the 10 contestants with 20/1 or better shots at winning the Miss USA 2013 pageant according to

I have no clue how they handicap a competition like this, but Michelle Aguirre (Miss Florida) seems to be the front runner right now.

If you follow the Miss USA pageants and have an idea of who the favorites are then head over to to place your bets.  I’m sure the oddsmakers don’t have perfect odds listed so you can probably find some plus expected value bets.

You can find the Miss USA odds under ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Celebrity Props’ at the sportsbook after you make your deposit.

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