Hamilton and Rosberg Two Big Favourites at Malaysia Grand Prix

Malaysia Grand PrixThe F1 season got kicked off in Australia a couple weeks back with Nico Rosberg taking down the checkered flag.  Lewis Hamilton had some wiring troubles and had to bow out of the race.  That said he is still the favourite heading into the Malaysian race.  Hamilton and Rosberg are by far the biggest favourites according to the oddsmakers with the other racers not much more than an after thought.  It will be interesting to see which of these phenomenal drivers win in Malaysia or if someone who is being overlooked can rise to the occasion.

To Win Malaysian Grand Prix Outright

Nico Rosberg took down the Australian Grand Prix two weeks ago, but he’s still just the second favourite in Malaysia.

  • Lewis Hamilton 2.62
  • Nico Rosberg 3.00
  • Kevin Magnussen 15.00
  • Jenson Button 15.00
  • Sebastian Vettel 15.00
  • Felipe Massa 15.00

The oddsmakers think it’s going to be a battle between Hamilton and Rosberg for the win, with the other top drivers being nothing more than an after thought.  Hamilton was forced out of the race in Melbourne due to wiring problems with the engine, but he is still the favourite heading into Malaysia.

Fastest Qualifier Odds

Hamilton and Rosberg are also looked at as having the fastest car for the qualifying times, not just the ability to win the race.  They are even bigger favourites to get the pole position in Malaysia than they are to win the race.

  • Lewis Hamilton 2.00
  • Nico Rosberg 3.00
  • Sebastian Vettel 15.00
  • Felipe Massa 15.00
  • Valtteri Bottas 17.00
  • Daniel Ricciardo 21.00
  • Jenson Button 21.00

Podium Finish Odds

Hamilton and Rosberg are both expected to finish in the top 3.  But remember that drivers will have to pull out of races sometimes, like what happened to Hamilton last week.  Hamilton was 8/13 to finish on the podium in Australia and he didn’t even finish the race.

  • Lewis Hamilton 1.44
  • Nico Rosberg 1.53
  • Felipe Massa 3.25
  • Valtteri Bottas 3.50
  • Sebastian Vettel 3.50
  • Jenson Button 3.75
  • Kevin Magnussen 3.75
  • Fernando Alonso 3.75

First Constructor To Retire

I think this is an interesting bet because Hamilton was forced to withdraw after a few laps in Australia due to a misfiring cylinder in the engine.  Even with this unreliability Mercedes is still the least likely constructor to retire first in Malaysia.  Perhaps because they will be extra thorough in preventing another problem.

  • Lotus 5.00
  • Caterham 5.50
  • Toro Rosso 8.00
  • Red Bull 8.50
  • Marussia 8.50
  • Sauber 12.00
  • Ferrari 12.00
  • Force India 12.00
  • Williams 13.00
  • McLaren 13.00
  • Mercedes GP 15.00

There are a lot more bets that can be made on this F1 race.

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