How To Bet On The 2016 Summer Olympics in the USA

Rio 2016The Olympics, and especially the Summer Olympics, are one of the biggest worldwide athletic events of every four years.  This year, the 2016 Summer Olympics is back and taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from August 5th to 21st.  That’s two weeks of near endless athletic action.  I for one won’t be able to pull myself away from the television for those two weeks in August.  As an American we are also lucky this year that the Olympics will be taking place on this side of the world, which makes viewing much easier than if it were in Europe or Russia as a couple of examples.

There are 306 events taking place in the 2016 Olympics in 28 different sports, but the highlights of the games is sure to be the basketball, swimming, athletics and gymnastics competitions.

Where To Bet On The Olympics

Our top rated sportsbook for Americans looking to bet on the Olympics this year is  Bovada is by far the biggest sportsbook online that accepts American residents and they have taken that one step further by only allowing Americans to bet at their site.  This allows Bovada to cater their website and banking options exclusively to USA residents, which makes the experience much simpler and smoother for Americans looking to bet on the Olympics.

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How To Bet On The Olympics in USA – Step By Step Guide

Now that you know where to bet on the Olympics online here’s a quick three step guide to get you betting on the Olympics this summer.

#1. Open Your Betting Account

First things first.  You’ll need to register at an online betting account to begin.  As I mentioned above is our top rated sportsbook for Americans.  On top of only catering to US residents they’re offering a solid 50% up to $250 sign up bonus to new members.  They also are offering betting lines for every sport throughout the Olympics, so you can bet on the most main stream to the most obscure events at the Olympics.  Here’s a full review.

#2. Deposit Funds

Next up you’ll need to make a deposit so that you have some cash money to wager on these Olympics sports.  Bovada accepts Visa, MasterCard, Rapid Transfer and Bitcoin deposits from Americans.  These are all very easy deposit methods because Bovada goes out of their way to ensure Americans can deposit and withdraw easily from the site.

Also, remember that Bovada is offering a 50% up to $250 first deposit bonus to new sign ups.  I suggest trying to get as much of this bonus as possible because Bovada doesn’t offer reload bonuses at this time.

#3. Place Your Olympics Bets

Now that you have money online it’s time to place your Olympics bets.

Once on the Bovada website click on ‘Olympic Games’ from the left navigation menu.  This will bring up all of the events you can bet on for the Olympics.  As I’m writing this Bovada has pretty much every event accounted for with betting lines and I’m sure even more betting options will be added during the Olympics.

To learn more check out our dedicated betting on the Olympics page with all of our picks articles.

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