Where To Bet On The 2014 People’s Choice Awards

2014 Peoples ChoiceThe 2014 People’s Choice Awards voting has opened online.  To cast your vote you can visit the Peoples Choice website.  Online sportsbook Bovada.lv is also allowing its users to bet on who will win some of the main categories at the awards show.  I obviously suggest that you vote as much as possible for whoever you bet on to better your chances of winning your wager.  It’s not often that you can influence a bet, but this is one of those rare occasions.

For those of you who don’t know, the Peoples Choice Awards will be held on January 8th, 2014 at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Let’s take a look at some of the categories you can wager on and the odds associated with some of the options.

2014 People’s Choice Awards Odds

Favorite Actor

  • Johnny Depp +100
  • Robert Downey Jr +300
  • Channing Tatum +400
  • Hugh Jackman +450
  • Leonardo DiCaprio +750

Favorite Actress

  • Scarlett Johansson -105
  • Sandra Bullock +200
  • Jennifer Aniston +500
  • Gwyneth Paltrow +700
  • Melissa McCarthy +800

Favorite Male Artist

  • Justin Timberlake -225
  • Bruno Mars +250
  • Avicii +950
  • Blake Shelton +950
  • Michael Buble +1500

Favorite Female Artist

  • Katy Perry -250
  • Britney Spears +250
  • Demi Lovato +1000
  • Pink +1250
  • Selena Gomez +1250

Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host

  • Jimmy Fallon -200
  • Jimmy Kimmel +250
  • Conan O’Brien +600
  • Stephen Colbert +1000
  • David Letterman +1500

I’m not sure how they have come up with these odds, considering that the winner is whoever is chosen by the voting public.  For this reason I would steer clear of the big favorites such as Katy Perry and Jimmy Fallon.

But once again, make sure you get your votes in to help influence the results.

How To Bet On the Peoples Choice Awards

To bet on the 2014 People’s Choice Awards you will need to first create an account at Bovada.lv.  After creating your account and making your first deposit (you will receive a 50% free bet by signing up through our link) you will be ready to place your bet.  You can find the People’s Choice Awards odds by clicking on ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Film/Television Props’ in the sportsbook section of Bovada.

Place your bets and sit back and wait until January 8th to see if your bet is a winner.  Oh and did I mention that you can influence the results by voting yourself!

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